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Caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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We now stock the hugely popular Fycus Lyrata or commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Although it has been hailed as a low maintenance plant, some would disagree in that they can be quite a fickle and temperamental plant.  From growing them in the nursery and research on what we have found has worked for other people, here are our top tips to make sure they survive at your place!


They are best suited to indoors and are considered a 'high light' indoor plant, meaning they enjoy a well lit and bright room but they do not like direct sunlight beaming onto them.  


This is hard to say as it depends on the conditions in your house, so the best advice is to allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings. To check if your plant is ready for another drink you can stick your finger into the soil about an inch and if it is dry then it is ready for some more water.  

Do not drown the soil with water as keeping the soil too wet will kill them very quickly, we suggest around 1 cup or so.

You will get to know how often to water soon enough, but remember if it is particularly hot weather you may need to water a little more frequently.  In fact in summer time they will tolerate alot more water, perhaps every few days.


If the leaves start to turn brown it is a good sign that you have either under or over watered the plant.  

If the leaves start to fall off it is a good indication of excess water in the soil, so you may need to adjust how often you are watering.  If you havn't been watering very often and keeping it quite dry it could also mean that you are under watering.


It is a very good idea to keep the leaves clean of dust as dust can block light absorption.  It can also interfere with the plant's breathing.

Your fiddle will enjoy a fertilise a couple of times a year or so.


Best of luck with your fiddle leaf fig and we welcome any comments or tips you may have.



Latest update: 07/03/2016
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