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Deciduous Trees

An attractive deciduous maple tree with striking red bark turning darker and brighter in winter, together with green foliage in Spring and turning a bright yellow/orange in Autumn. Growth size: 6m h x 5m w Positioning: Part shade & afternoon shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed ar..
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A very popular Japanese Maple Tree which can vary in size, shape and leaf colour due to being grown from seed but makes a beautiful small deciduous tree with radiant shades deep orange and crimson in autumn before they drop.   Leaves are green in summer. Size: 4m h x 4m w P..
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These are attractive small deciduous maple trees with a weeping form.  ** PLEASE NOTE PRICES VARY State to State please contact us ** PLEASE CONTACT US for other dissectum varieties Positioning: Part sun to shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed areas or hot winds Perfect for: F..
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These deciduous lipstick Maples are regarded as one of the best maples for its beautiful autumn colour and make fabulous feature trees.  The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are identical in look and growth habit.**Prices are estimates only, each variety differs in price from State to State, plea..
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A fast growing and attractive medium sized deciduous tree with pretty pale green foliage that turns pale yellow and drops off late Autumn.  A grey/white trunk is revealed with maturity after the brown bark flakes off.   This is the best Birch for growing in the warmer States, suitin..
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An elegant deciduous tree with soft foliage shaped in hearts and papery silver bark.  The leaves are a green in spring turning to golden shades in autumn. Enjoys the cooler climates.** Not commonly grown or available in Qld.  See Betula nigra here which is better suited to the warmer clima..
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A large hardy and deciduous tree with very interesting fan shaped leaves which are a light green in spring and changing to a spectacular gold/yellow colour in autumn.Please be aware that these trees are either Male or Female and alot of the time undetermined either sex whilst still in the nursery an..
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An absolutely striking compact deciduous shrub with almost black foliage appearing in early spring with masses of flowers in summer in shades of  whites, reds, pinks and purples.  Choose your colour! Just let us know in the notes section at checkout what colour or specific variety you woul..
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We stock a vast variety of Crepe Myrtles which vary in sizes from small to medium trees. Crepe Myrtles are deciduous and make a beautiful ornamental tree bursting with bright shades of purples,whites & pinks and perfect as a feature tree or shade tree.** Prices are approximates on..
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A deciduous tree with shows of dark green star shaped foliage changing into orange, red, purple hues during autumn. Growth Size: Up to 20m tall at maturity Positioning: Prefers full sun Temperament: Frost tolerant, hardy, Growth Rate: Fast Perfect for: Large properties, Shade tree, Fe..
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A deciduous Magnolia with a compact growth habit with bright green foliage which drops in autumn, producing large brown furry buds blooming with vibrant magenta flowers in late winter.** PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY AS PRICE DIFFERS STATE TO STATE, SUPPLIER TO SUPPLI..
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A beautiful deciduous Magnolia producing fragrant blooms on bare branches in shades of pinks and purples.Size: 4-9m h x 4m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth rate: Moderate Perfect for: Feature tree, large properties, drivewaysHeight Approximates in Pots for t..
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