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Pyrus nivalis - Snow Pear

Pyrus nivalis - Snow Pear
Pyrus nivalis - Snow Pear
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A hardy ornamental Pear which has great features including straight single stems, retains its form very well and responds well to pruning.  Its a deciduous tree with silvery grey foliage and showy clusters of white flowers in spring.  Deciduous.

Size: 8m h x 5m w

Positioning: Prefers sunny position

Temperament: Frost and drought tolerant

Perfect for: Pleaching, screening, feature tree 

Height Approximates in Pots for this Variety:

300mm - 1m tall

400mm - 1.4m tall

75L - 1.8-2m+ tall

100L - 2-2.5m+tall

200L - 2.5-3m+ tall

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