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An attractive deciduous maple tree with striking red bark turning darker and brighter in winter, together with green foliage in Spring and turning a bright yellow/orange in Autumn. Growth size: 6m h x 5m w Positioning: Part shade & afternoon shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed ar..
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A very popular Japanese Maple Tree which can vary in size, shape and leaf colour due to being grown from seed but makes a beautiful small deciduous tree with radiant shades deep orange and crimson in autumn before they drop.   Leaves are green in summer. Size: 4m h x 4m w P..
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These are attractive small deciduous maple trees with a weeping form.  ** PLEASE NOTE PRICES VARY State to State please contact us ** PLEASE CONTACT US for other dissectum varieties Positioning: Part sun to shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed areas or hot winds Perfect for: F..
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These deciduous lipstick Maples are regarded as one of the best maples for its beautiful autumn colour and make fabulous feature trees.  The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are identical in look and growth habit.**Prices are estimates only, each variety differs in price from State to State, plea..
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A dwarf Lilly Pilly shrub with pink/bronze foliage maturing to beautiful glossy green foliage, producing white flowers in summer. Pest & disease resistant to pysllid.  Spacing: Plant every 80cm apart for a faster forming hedge or further apart for a slower forming hedge. Growth Ra..
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The Cherry Suprise Lilly Pilly is an Australian Native which has small leafed foliage which is bushy and compact. Beautiful colour year long with new growth producing a striking bright red foliage which later deepens to a dark green once mature. Extremely hardy.  Considered a dwarf variety. ..
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The Acmena smithii 'Firescreen' is an Australian Native Lilly Pilly which bursts with glowing copper/red new growth and blossoms of small white fuzzy flowers in summer followed by edible berries.  Very psyllid resistant Spacing: Plant every 80cm apart for a faster forming hedge or further..
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The Acmena Minor Lilly Pilly is an Australian Native Lilly Pilly which is smaller leafed and bushier with bronze new growth.  It produces the usual white flowers in summer which develop into edible deep mauve or white berries. Pest and disease resistant - Resistant to pysllid and most other ..
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Acmena smithii Sublime is an Australian Native Lilly Pilly variety that forms a thick and compact screen with luscious lime green foliage which changes to mid green leaves with maturity. It produces white flowers in Summer. It rarely produces berries. Pest & Disease Resistant to Pysllid and h..
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A taller growing variety of Lilly Pilly that produces highly decorative flowers in early summer followed by mauve- white fruits that are edible. Pest & disease resistant to pysllid. Spacing: Plant every 80cm apart for a faster forming hedge/screen or further apart for a slower forming..
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Lilly Pilly's make a fabulous hedge or screen flushing their new growth in lots of different colours. Aside from the Lilly Pilly's we have individual listed on our site we can also supply the above Acmena smithii varieties, but we are not limited to just these so please ask us if there is a par..
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A beautiful evergreen perennial with linear strap like leaves which produces tall circular blue or white flowers in the spring.**We also sell the dwarf varieties, please ask us.   Climate: Very tolerant of a wide range of climates from cool to hot. Growth Size: 1m x 1m Positioning: ..
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