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The Alpinia varieties are great for a shady spot in your garden or as indoor plants.  Suited for planting in tropical and informal gardens. Please contact us for pot sizes and availability or add to cart with your specified variety and we will let you know.Varieties we can supply but not limite..
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A hardy compact plant that produces colourful burgandy/dark purple leaves and small white flowers in spring.  A great contrasting plant to bring colour to your garden. Growth size: 40cm h x 60-90cm w Positioning: Full sun to part shade but will create brightest shades in full sun. ..
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A beautiful fern which forms a rosette shape with its bright lime green fronds.   Climate: Warm to tropical. Growth Size: 20cm w. Positioning: Part shade to shade. Perfect for: Feature plant, pots, tropical gardens, poolside planting.         &n..
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A native Australian tree grown for its beautiful highly aromatic lemon scented leaves that is released when leaves are crushed.  It produces fluffy creamy/ white flowers with new growth producing attractive red leaves.   Growth size: 5m h x 3m w Positioning: Full sun to part shad..
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The most popular landscaping bamboo species which is disease free, very hardy with straight and tight growth which forms individual clumps.  Once planted they grow quickly. A 300mm pot size will be approx 2m tall, please see second photo for a good indication of what this pot ..
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This Australian Native tree has long green leaves with a silvery underside that produces pale yellow cylindrical flowers from January to June Growth size: 5-20m h x 4m w Positioning: Full sun Temperament: Frost & wind tolerant, drought tolerant once established Perfect for: Feature tre..
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A hardy low compact growing shrub with golden orange candle like flowers**ONLY AVAILABLE IN SYDNEY IN 200MM POTS ATM Growth Size: 60cm h x 1.2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Frost tolerant Perfect for: Mass planting, miniature hedge, groundcover, rockeries, ..
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A fast growing and attractive medium sized deciduous tree with pretty pale green foliage that turns pale yellow and drops off late Autumn.  A grey/white trunk is revealed with maturity after the brown bark flakes off.   This is the best Birch for growing in the warmer States, suitin..
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An elegant deciduous tree with soft foliage shaped in hearts and papery silver bark.  The leaves are a green in spring turning to golden shades in autumn. Enjoys the cooler climates. Size: Up to 12 m tallx 4-5m wGrowth Rate: Moderate to fast Positioning: Full sun or shadeTolerances: Cold ..
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Australian native tree which is often grown as a street tree.  It is displays a beautiful sweet fragrant with creamy white flowers in Summer.   Very attractive to bees and birds.   Climate: Prefers warmer climates. Growth size: 6- 8m h x 4- 6m w. Positioning: Full sun or p..
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A beautiful compact shrub with glossy dark green oval shaped foliage fabulous for short box hedges. Spacing - For a low growing dense hedge use 5 plants every metre ( every 20cm apart trunk to trunk). Taller hedges can be a at 25–30cm. Growth size: 1-3m h x 1-3m w/ 150mm cal  Posi..
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This dwarf evergreen shrub produces a smaller narrower leaf than other Buxus which are dark green in colour and glossy and soft with a slight weeping habit.  Fabulous for short box hedges. Height: 0.4-0.6m h x 0.5m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade but can turn lime green /yellow in s..
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