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A native strappy clumping plant which bears clusters of yellow/cream flowers.   Climate: From cold climates to the tropics. Growth size: 30-70cm h. Positioning: Full sun or heavy shade. Temperament: Hardy, coastal winds and drought tolerant. Perfect for: Borders, mass planting..
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A beautiful hardy lush grass with fine lime green foliage creating a bright contrast to your garden, producing small fragrant yellow flowers in spring. Positioning: Full sun to part shade Size: 15-30cm h x 30cm w Temperament: Frost tolerant, drought adaptable Perfect for: Borders, f..
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This grass is very hardy with a compact growth and fine leafed green foliage. Small yellow flower spikes that form in the middle of the foliage will appear from April to October. Growth Size: 50cm-60cm h x 65cm w Positioning: Full sun to moderate shade Temperament: Frost & Drought toler..
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A colourful attractive large evergreen shrub with reddish-purple foliage bearing clusters of pretty hot pink tassel-like flowers in Spring.    Climate: Cold to warm climates. Growth size: 2m h x 1.5m w. Positioning: Full sun or part shade. Temperament: Quite drought tolerant..
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A medium to large conical magnolia with glossy green foliage on top and velvety brown underneath and narrow leaves, producing large white and fragrant saucer-shaped flowers appearing in Spring and Summer.  Size: 8m h x 3-5m w Positioning: Full ..
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Bearing small green glossy leaves with the distinctive brown velvet texture underneath, producing beautiful creamy sizeable flowers.   Growth size: 4m h x 3m w  Positioning: Prefers part shade Temperament: Tolerates city pollution Perfect for: Hedging, screening, feat..
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A beautiful evergreen with dark green and brown foliage producing large creamy white fragrant flowers.   Growth Size: 4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Frost tolerant Perfect for: Feature planting, hedges         ..
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A tight and narrow forming Magnolia named after its large oval foliage which looks like teddy bear ears!  With the classic Magnolia green foliage on the top and velvety brown underneath. Size: 3-4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Frost tolerant,..
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A deciduous Magnolia with a compact growth habit with bright green foliage which drops in autumn, producing large brown furry buds blooming with vibrant magenta flowers in late winter.** PLEASE NOTE ONLY 200L BAG SIZE AVAILABLE FOR SYDNEY CUSTOMERS ATM** Size: 6m h x 4m w P..
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A beautiful deciduous Magnolia producing fragrant blooms on bare branches in shades of pinks and purples. Size: 4-9m h x 4m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth rate: Moderate Perfect for: Feature tree, large properties, driveways..
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A beautiful medium sized shrub to small tree with gorgeous curvy grey and mint green foliage which is velvety to touch, producing red pompom like flowers in sprng and summer.   Growth size: 4-6m h x 3-5m w Positioning; Full sun Temperament: Drought tolerant when establishe..
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A stunning medium-sized tree with an upright growth habit with attractive lime-green foliage which produces beautiful orchid-like and highly fragrant white flowers which appear from mid Spring through to Autumn. **ONLY AVAILABLE IN QLD OR NSW ATM.  NSW ONLY SIZE AVAILABLE IS 200L ..
Ex Tax:$270.00
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