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A native tufted perenial grass with feathery mushroom coloured flowers. Climate: Cool to warm. Growth size: 1m h x 60cm w. Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Perfect for: Mass planting, specimen planting, rockeries, borders, landscape grass.   'Nafray' is smaller and will gr..
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A beautiful foliage plant with lush shiny green leaves. Climate: Tropical, subtropical and warm temperate. Growth size: 1m high x 1 m wide. Positioning: Sheltered full sun to part shade. Perfect for: Mass planting, garden beds, tropical gardens, pots, around pools, indoor or ou..
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A fast growing evergreen shrub with contrasting red and green foliage turning to bronze/green, producing clusters of snowy white flowers.   Produces a brighter glossier red foliage than Photinia 'Robusta'.   Climate: Full sun to part shade Growth size: 3m h x 2m w ..
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A fast growing dense evergreen shrub with new foliage growth a brilliant red in colour, changing to bronze-green as the season progresses and maturing to be dark green.  Showy white flowers appear in clusters to be followed by small berries.     Climate: Most parts of Australia...
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A fabulous bushy tree making it ideal for hedging.  Soft green foliage with a hint of silver. Spacing: Plant every 80-1m apart for a faster forming hedge or further apart for a slower forming hedgeGrowth size: 4-5m tall by 2-3m wide Positioning: Full sun to part shade but will also tolerate ..
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A small dense growing evergreen shrub with bright glossy long leaves all year round.  Fragrant cream flowers in Spring. Growth size: 1m h by 1.5m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Best in a sheltered location and out of hot midday sun.  Will tolerate some light fr..
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A very popular tropical deciduous tree with veined leaves that produce beautiful fragrant flowers from summer to autumn.   Climate: Cool to tropcial. Growth size: 5-8m h. Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament: Frost intolerant. Perfect for: Feature tree, tropcial ga..
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Declaring winter is over and spring is here! A beautiful deciduous tree with dark purple foliage, producing small rounded fruit. Size: 5-6m h x 4-5m w Temperament: Drought tolerant, somewhat drought tolerant Perfect for: Feature tree, street tree, lining driveways..
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A beautiful deciduous flowering plum tree which displays masses of double pink and mauve/purple flowers.  One of the best spring flowering trees. This hybrid is sterile so does not produce any fruit. Size: 5m h x 4m w Positioning: Sunny position Perfect for: Feature tree, lining dr..
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A deciduous ornamental pear tree which can be evergreen in some areas, with round glossy leaves which turn to orange/red, purplish to red/yellow in autumn, and clusters of white flowers in spring. Size: 12m h x 9m w Positioning: Best in full sun Growth rate: Fast Perfect for: F..
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A narrow and upright Pyrus with dark green leaves changing to reddish purple, and a mass of white flowers in spring.  Deciduous. Size: 8-10m h x 3m w Positioning: Best in full sun Growth rate: Moderate to fast Perfect for: Narrow spaces, lining driveways and fences  Height ..
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A hardy ornamental pear with upright and pyramid like form also known as 'Chanticleer' or 'Glenns Form', with shiny deep green leaves turning to shades of red, orange & purple in autumn followed by masses of white flowers in spring. Size: 10m h x 4-5m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade ..
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