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An attractive tropical coloured foliage plant with large patterned silvery grey leaves and green veins and deep purple/red undersides.   Climate: Tropical, sub tropical or warm well lit indoors. Growth size: 1 - 1.5m x  1 - 1.5m h. Positioning:Full shade, part sun, indoors. ..
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A medium to large rounded native evergreen tree with glossy green leaves and producing small yellow fruits/ flowers in late Spring.  Attractive to birds and has non-invasive roots.   Growth size: Usually 6- 8m h x 6m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament: Tolerate..
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One of the, if not the fastest growing conifer that forms a dense conical tree, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top growing to tall heights. OUR TOP PICK FOR VERY FASTEST GROWING HEDGE AND TALL GROWTH! Growth Size: Up to10-15m x 2-3m wSpacing: Plant these every 80cm apart for a faster for..
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A hardy and low maintenance evergreen Conifer which has a narrow and straight habit, commonly known as a pencil pine. Spacing: Plant every 50cm apart for a screen Growth Size: 5-6m h x up to 1m w Positioning: Full sun Temperament: Frost hardy Growth rate: Moderate but faster than th..
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This variety of pencil pine is the best by a country mile!  They grow in an upright column like structure with very tight and compact growth habit and hold their form very well.  They are very hardy with blue/green foliage.They don't produce many cones that weigh the branches down and..
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This variety is a narrower growing Pencil Pine Conifer with aromatic deep green foliage in an upright habit. Spacing: Plant every 50cm apart for a screenGrowth Size: Approx 6m tall in the first 10 years then thereafter can grow up to 15m tall x 1.5m wide Positioning: Semi Shade but prefers an ope..
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Discovered in Australia this Pencil Pine variety is narrow growing with golden foliage.**Please note bigger pot sizes may be available but differ significantly in price State to State so please contact us for a price!Growth Size: Approx 5 m h x 50cm w, usually in the first 10 years Positioning: P..
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A beautiful Australian native fast growing evergreen tree fern with lime green fongs.   Climate: Sub-tropical, tropical. Growth size: 10-12 m h x 4m w Positioning: Protected shady positions, part sun. Temperament: Sensitive to frost. Perfect for: ornamental plant, feature plan..
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Dianella are strappy leafed grasses that are made up of many varieties, with many being Australian Natives. Perfect for: Mass planting, bordering garden beds, adding colour and contrast. Some other varieties are below, please contact us for pricing on any Dianella Variety. LITTLE JESS™ – Dia..
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A pretty groundcover or trailing plant with long tendrils creates quite a show with silvery foliage Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth size: 10-15cm h.  Plant 25-30cm to form groundcover Perfect for: rockeries, hanging baskets, groundcover, trailing over retaining walls &nbs..
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An evergreen perenial with sword like green leaves, producing white flowers with purple and yellow in the middle.   Climate: Sub-tropical, tropical, temperate, grasslands. Growth size: 1.2m h x 1.2m w. Positioning: Full sun and part shade. Temperament: Drought and frost resistant..
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A striking accent Australian bush tucker plant with sword like leaves with a giant stalk which boasts a stunning head of red flowers.    Climate: Sub tropical, warm temperate, Mediterranean. Growth Size: The leaves 1m x 1m with the flowering stalk reaching 2-4m high. Posit..
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