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An Australian bush tucker plant with a dense rosette of arching leaves with a flower stalk reaching over 3m in height with masses of bright scarlet funnel shaped flowers with white interior which appears in summer.   Climate: Sub tropical, warm temperate, Mediterranean. Growth Siz..
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A dense fast growing, small evergreen shrub which produces blue flowers in summer followed by bright yellow/orange berries.   Climate: Grows well in tropical, sub tropical and coastal areas on Australia’s East Coast down to Sydney.  Growth size: 1 - 3m h x 1 -3m w Pos..
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The highly popular and sought after Fiddle Leaf Fig is a species of fig tree with big round glossy leaves.   They enjoy a well lit position and water once soil has dried out from the previous watering. They are moderate growing but can reach ceiling height in ideal conditions. ..
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A vigorous self attaching clinging climber with attractive heart shaped green leaves shading to bronze.   Climate: Warm temperate to cold temperate with areas of frost. Growth size: 10m h x 10m w Temperament: Tolerant to wind, second line salt, light frost. Positioning: Full sun..
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A stunning and highly fragrant evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves which produces beautiful white flowers from November to May.    Climate: Mild, humid climates.  Will grow in cooler areas but must be planted in full sun. Growth size: 1m h x 1m w. Positionin..
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An evergreen shrub with glossy shiny deep green foliage which produces beautiful waxy white fragrant flowers. This is the tallest of the Gardenias.    Climate: cool to mild, humid climates. Growth size: 1.5-2m h x 1.5-2m. Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament..
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This is a dwarf variety of the Gardenia which has small dark green glossy foliage bearing small highly fragrant double white flowers from late Spring to Autumn.    Climate: Subtropical to warm. Growth size: 30cm x 80cm. Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament: ..
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These are fairly hardy Australian Natives with many prolific bird attracting in a wide ranges of shades reds, oranges and yellows. WE HAVE MANY GREVILLEA VARIETIES PLEASE EMAIL US FOR PRICING AND SIZES AVAILABLE Temperament: Generally drought tolerant once established, cold/light frost to..
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A striking dense groundcover with beautiful green leaves with toothbrush like crimson/red flowers.   Growth Size: 0.3m h x 3m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth rate: Fast Temperament: Part frost tolerant Perfect for: Groundcover for garden beds, rockeries for s..
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These lush tropical plants are from the same plant family as Banana and Ginger, with leafy foliage which displays exotic flowers in Spring and Summer.  THERE ARE LOTS OF DIFFERENT VARIETIES AVAILABLE SO PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICING**PLEASE NOTE these are usually only available for Nthn NSW ..
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An Australian native vigorous climber with dark green leaves which boasts beautiful yellow buttercup like flowers in spring and summer.   Climate: Sub-tropical. Growth size: 2-5m. Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament: Will tolerate coastal sandy winds. Perfec..
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A colourful attractive large evergreen shrub with reddish-purple foliage bearing clusters of pretty hot pink tassel-like flowers in Spring.    Climate: Cold to warm climates. Growth size: 2m h x 1.5m w. Positioning: Full sun or part shade. Temperament: Quite drought tolerant..
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