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An attractive deciduous maple tree with striking red bark turning darker and brighter in winter, together with green foliage in Spring and turning a bright yellow/orange in Autumn. Growth size: 6m h x 5m w Positioning: Part shade & afternoon shade Temperament: Not tolerant to exposed ar..
A very popular maple which can vary in size, shape and leaf colour due to being grown from seed but makes a beautiful small tree with radiant shades deep orange and crimson. Size: 4m h x 4m w Positioning: Part shade Perfect for: Feature tree, small shade tree, small backyards W..
A deciduous Canadian Maple which is regarded as one of the best maples for its beautiful autum colour with five lobed leaves which change from dark green to pink to red.   The October Glory and Autumn Blaze are identical in look and growth habit. Height: 12m h x 9m w Positioning: Ful..
Acmena smithii Minor is an evergreen shrub which is a smaller leafed and bushier form of Lilly Pilly.  It produces the usual white flowers in summer which develop into edible deep mauve or white berries. Pest and disease resistant - Resistant to pysllid and most other pest and diseases. &..
Acmena smithii Sublime is a Lilly Pilly variety that forms a thick and compact screen with luscious lime green foliage which glossens to mid green leaves with maturity. It produces white flowers in Summer. It rarely produces berries. Pest & Disease Resistant - Pysllid Resistant and highly myr..
Beautiful large tree that produces highly decorative flowers in early summer followed by mauve- white fruits that are edible. Pest & disease resistant to pysllid.   Growth size: 8-10 h x 6 w Temperament: Is moderately drought tolerant once established and can handle light frosts..
A native Australian tree grown for its beautiful highly aromatic lemon scented leaves that is released when leaves are crushed.  It produces fluffy creamy/ white flowers with new growth producing attractive red leaves.   Climate: Warm termperate to tropical. Will grow in cooler cond..
This Australian Native tree has long green leaves with a silvery underside that produces pale yellow cylindrical flowers from January to June Gowth size: 5-20m h x 4m w Positioning: Full sun Temperament: Frost & wind tolerant, drought tolerant once established Perfect for: Feature tree..
Australian native tree which is often grown as a street tree.  It is displays a beautiful sweet fragrant with creamy white flowers in Summer.   Very attractive to bees and birds.   Climate: Prefers warmer climates. Growth size: 6- 8m h x 4- 6m w. Positioning: Full sun or p..
A small to medium rounded native evergreen tree with glossy green leaves and producing small yellow fruits/ flowers in late Spring.  Attractive to birds and has non-invasive roots.   Climate: Temperate to tropical climates. Growth size: Usually 6- 8m h x 6m w Positioning: Full..
One of the, if not the fastest growing conifer that forms a dense conical tree, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top growing to tall heights. OUR TOP PICK FOR FAST AND TALL GROWTH! Growth Size: Up to10-15m x 2-3m w Positioning: Full sun or part shade Temperament: Frot tolerant and a ..
A hardy and low maintenance evergreen Conifer which has a narrow and straight habit, commonly known as a pencil pine.  Growth Size: 5-6m h x up to 1m w Positioning: Full sun Temperament: Frost hardy Growth rate: Moderate but faster than the 'Glauca' variety Perfect for:  Nar..
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