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A medium to large rounded native evergreen tree with glossy green leaves and producing small yellow fruits/ flowers in late Spring.  Attractive to birds and has non-invasive roots.   Growth size: Usually 6- 8m h x 6m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade. Temperament: Tolerate..
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One of the, if not the fastest growing conifer that forms a dense conical tree, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top growing to tall heights. OUR TOP PICK FOR VERY FASTEST GROWING HEDGE AND TALL GROWTH! Growth Size: Up to 10-15m x 2-3m wSpacing: Plant these every 80cm apart for a faster fo..
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A hardy and low maintenance evergreen Conifer which has a narrow and straight habit, commonly known as a pencil pine. Spacing: Plant every 50cm apart for a screen Growth Size: 5-6m h x up to 1m w Positioning: Full sun Temperament: Frost hardy Growth rate: Moderate but faster than th..
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This stunning evergreen tree will make a bold statement in your garden with a single trunk and dramatic strappy sword like blue green foliage.Sizes 200L and upwards for multi headed branching** Please contact us for pricing, prices differ State to State and Supplier to Supplier Growth Size: 9m h ..
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A very pretty decorative evergreen tree which grows in a column like structure.  It has broad dark green glossy leaves which flushes bronze and maroon during new growth. *ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NSW & QLD CUSTOMERS   Growth size: 8- 10m h x 4-6m w. Positioning: Full sun to ligh..
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A beautiful medium to tall growing evergreen tree or shrub which boasts an ornamental display of white or pale pink flowers in spring, followed by blue fruits or both together.   Trees supplied are generally pale pink flowering.Variety supplied is either Elaeocarpus reticulatus or Elaeocar..
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The beautiful Australian Native Trees that most people associate with Koalas.  So many different varieties with interesting bark, flowers and scents.  We have many different varieties available not limited to the above so please ask us!** Please note prices are approximate and may differ s..
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An Australian native which is most commonly used for hedging and screening with its thick lush, dense foliage in different shades of green. * PLEASE NOTE the photo shown in the image is an example only of what can be done with this variety (removing the lower branches to create a clear ..
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A large domed tree with smooth grey trunk with glossy green foliage. Height: 15-20m h x 15m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth Rate: Fast Perfect for: Feature tree, avenue or park planting, shade tree..
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A large hardy and deciduous tree with very interesting fan shaped leaves which are a light green in spring and changing to a spectacular gold/yellow colour in autumn.Please be aware that these trees are either Male or Female and alot of the time undetermined either sex whilst still in the nursery an..
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A fast growing exquisite tree with green foliage which turns to yellow in winter, bearing beautiful bell shaped purple flowers. Size: 10m h x 8mw Positioning: Prefers full sun Temperament: Will tolerate some drought periods Perfect for: Feature tree, Shade treeHeight Approximates in Pots..
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An evergreen conifer which grows in a conical like structure. Its extremely hardy and low maintenance as it keeps its form as it grows.  Chunkier than the pencil pines.  Growth size: 4-6m h x 1m wGrowth rate: Slow to moderate Position: Full sun to part shade Temperament: Frost to..
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