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We stock a vast variety of Crepe Myrtles which vary in sizes from small to medium trees. Crepe Myrtles are deciduous and make a beautiful ornamental tree bursting with bright shades of purples,whites & pinks and perfect as a feature tree or shade tree.** Prices are approximates on..
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Add a Mediterranean feel with this aromatic and hardy evergreen tree.  Growth Size: 5-6m tall Growth Rate: ModerateTemperament: Tolerant to frost and coastal conditionsPerfect for: Screening, Hedging, culinary uses, topiary..
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A deciduous tree with shows of dark green star shaped foliage changing into orange, red, purple hues during autumn. Growth Size: Up to 20m tall at maturity Positioning: Prefers full sun Temperament: Frost tolerant, hardy, Growth Rate: Fast Perfect for: Large properties, Shade tree, Fe..
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A medium to large conical magnolia with glossy green foliage on top and velvety brown underneath and narrow leaves, producing large white and fragrant saucer-shaped flowers appearing in Spring and Summer.  Size: 8m h x 3-5m w Positioning: Full ..
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The Teddy Bear Magnolia is a beautiful compact forming Magnolia named after its large oval foliage which looks like teddy bear ears!  Together with the classic Magnolia green foliage on the top and velvety brown underneath. Size: 3-4m h x 2m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade..
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We stock a vast variety of Magnolias which vary in sizes from small to medium trees.  These varieties are all evergreen and make a beautiful feature tree or screening trees.** Prices of each variety differs in price State to State.  Please put your order through with size required ..
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A deciduous Magnolia with a compact growth habit with bright green foliage which drops in autumn, producing large brown furry buds blooming with vibrant magenta flowers in late winter.** PLEASE CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY AS PRICE DIFFERS STATE TO STATE, SUPPLIER TO SUPPLI..
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A beautiful deciduous Magnolia producing fragrant blooms on bare branches in shades of pinks and purples.Size: 4-9m h x 4m w Positioning: Full sun to part shade Growth rate: Moderate Perfect for: Feature tree, large properties, drivewaysHeight Approximates in Pots for t..
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A stunning medium-sized tree with an upright growth habit with attractive lime-green foliage which produces beautiful orchid-like and highly fragrant white flowers which appear from mid Spring through to Autumn.CURRENT AVAILABILITY:  ** NSW - 100L & 200L BAGS** QLD - 300mm, 100L B..
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Enjoy these beautiful evergreen Frangipanis year round.  They have the capacity keep their leaves however in cooler climates they still may loose their leaves.**Please contact us for pricing and the variety you would like...
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Create a tropical paradise with palm trees.  Not only are these guys great for screening purposes but they also make fabulous feature trees.Contact us for any variety of Palm Tree that you are after and we can let you know availability and pricing.Most Palm varieties are listed below:Alocasia m..
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A fast growing dense evergreen shrub with new foliage growth a brilliant red in colour, changing to bronze-green as the season progresses and maturing to be dark green.  Showy white flowers appear in clusters to be followed by small berries.     Climate: Most parts of Australia...
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